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A leading air decontamination product, featuring the electrolysis of water molecules and droplets.


What is PlasmaShield?

Medical grade air treatment system, scientifically proven to kill off harmful bacteria and viruses, using electron beam irradiation and a high intensity plasma field.

It's COVID-19 Relevant

PlasmaShield has shown unmatched efficacy of destroying MS2 bacteriophage, the standard surrogate model representative of all viruses.  In addition, we are undergoing further lab testing of our product to remove the TGA listed specific COVID19 surrogate, SARS COV 229E.

Intended Use

Any setting where clean indoor air is important to reduce the chance of airborne infection.

How Does it Work?

PlasmaShield can be built into new or retrofitted into existing HVAC infrastructure, by treating the recirculated air before being supplied into indoor settings

Inside Plasma Reactor

Electron Beam (E-Beam) Irradiation


PlasmaShield creates multiple layers of electron beam emitters that bombard microorganisms

Irreversible Electroporation


PlasmaShield causes irreversible electroporation with an intense and uniform electric field to rupture cell membranes and destroy microorganisms.

Outside Plasma Reactor

PlasmaShield generates ions (H+, O- and oxygen clusters) that diffuse through the ambient air. These particles occur naturally in different form as airborne water and oxygen and are safe to the environment.

The particles adhere to the surface of pathogens and turn into reactive oxidising (OH) radicals. This disrupts the pathogen surface protein by stripping its Hydrogen and rendering them inactive or converting to H20. Additionally, free electrons combine with other particles like dust and smoke, resulting in agglomeration which removes particulate matters from the breathing zone.


Product Features

Modular Design, scalable to all applications.  


Multi chamber, stackable reactor.  


Exposed non-thermal plasma veils. 


​Mobile App & remote Wi-Fi control.


High Capacity, treats up to 1300 litres per second. 


Integrates with Air quality monitoring devices.


Standalone and HVAC configuration mode.


Minimum pressure drop.


Minimal maintenance with non moving parts.