Experts call on Federal Government to acknowledge possible airborne transmission of COVID-19 in hotel quarantine

15 Jan 2021

Failure at a federal level to acknowledge COVID-19 is transmitted through the air has been putting the community at risk, senior scientists, health and safety experts and doctors have told the ABC.

The ICEG will be updating its advice on the airborne nature of COVID-19
Senior atmospheric and aerosol scientists say there is no doubt COVID-19 is transmitted through the air
Breaches in Australia's hotel quarantine system have led to at least three community outbreaks
Leading scientists said the virus could be leaking through our border controls because authorities have not put in place precautions that provide the greatest possible protection from airborne transmission.

In recent days, the Federal Government's health advisors have considered updating their advice on the airborne nature of the virus, the ABC can reveal.

The Infection Control Experts Group (ICEG) met on Wednesday this week, for the first time in 2021.

Professor Lyn Gilbert said the group would "be updating advice", particularly in light of the arrival of the highly transmissible UK COVID-19 variant.

"The ICEG has always acknowledged that SARS-CoV-2 can spread via aerosol transmission under [some] conditions, but evidence suggested that this was relatively uncommon," she said.