Evaluation of the PlasmaShield Air Purification System

7 Jan 2022

For Mitigation of Volatile Organic Compounds, and Ozone Emissions

Compared with free standing HEPA-based portable air purifiers, the evidence suggests some
specific benefits of the PAPS unit. These include

• Microbial destruction rather than simple capture on a filter
• HEPA-like particle removal (with MERV-13 filter) with less backpressure
• Selected (and long term) VOC reduction, with no obvious release of reactive gases
• Lower operating costs, and fewer maintenance issues
• Being mounted in the ceiling space, the PAPS unit is likely to be quiet in operation and
may potentially provide better control of airflow, interrupting the source to receiver

Source: https://adelaide.figshare.com/articles/online_resource/Interim_Technical_Report_-_Evaluation_of_the_PlasmaShield_Air_Purification_System/18021188